Why (not) blogging?

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Sure, blogging may sound like an old-fashioned way to socialize in the 2010s but it definitely helps in building an online presence. In a nutshell, online presence is the rank at which any of your online profiles appear on Google’s search page when searched for you. Yes, the position at which a result is shown is known as the rank of a page. Google’s algorithms rank each page to show results in decreasing order of relevance (Fact: Google’s “I’m Feeling Lucky” button takes you directly to the most relevant page i.e. the page at the first rank). Creating an online presence becomes even more challenging when there are hundreds of your namesakes around. To get a sense of the measure of my situation, it may interest you to know that I have had my namesakes in both my school and university. So it may take striving efforts for me to build up my rank and perhaps, even more, to maintain it.

Blogging is similar to writing a diary except, people don’t go too deep about sharing details about their personal lives. There is a constant flux of exciting and random thoughts crossing my mind every day. And so I’ve decided to log each one of them, and the best ones will find their place over here. I will be talking about the way I feel about the world, occasionally about the things happening in my life, and besides that, about the stuff I do. I would like to call this blog as my open-diary. Everyone is welcome to delve into it.

Blogging is also a way of staying connected to a language. Since English is not native to India, I don’t get enough opportunity to converse in it on a day-to-day basis. This blog will act as an outlet where I will try to articulate myself in the English language. As a suggestion, I would recommend start writing a blog or a diary to anyone who wishes to become proficient in their second language.

I would appreciate if readers could drop their suggestions or even better, proofread my posts. I am also using some online tools to rectify the most critical mistakes, but for those ‘advanced’ errors, your input would prove to be of great help.


Chirag Arora

Chirag Arora


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